Do you have what it takes to be a good sex partner

A lot of guys think that the definition of a great sex partner is a person who delivers. Well, I’m telling you right now that the female you want to fuck is not looking for a pizza delivery man. She’s not looking to order stuff from Amazon and have it delivered on time. You might think that you deliver orgasms and you deliver a great time, but they may just be all in your head. If you want to be an ideal sex partner you have to look at sex in holistic terms. You have to look at it as a concert.


You know it’s easy to think that if you’re going to a concert you’re just going to listen to the set list by the performer, check out the spectacle, eat some food, smoke some pot, and unwind a little bit and go home. I’m sorry to break this to you, but if that’s you how define a great concert experience then you are missing out. A great concert experience is all about the electricity created by the performer and the audience and when you look at the mass of humanity out there, they create electricity amongst themselves. It’s all about interaction. It’s as if the concert crowd is this giant organic mass that creates its own internal electricity and its own memorable experiences.


That’s how you should look at sex as well because great sex is 99% emotional, spiritual and mental and 1% physical. Sadly, most guys define the ideal sex performance as essentially just making a woman climax. Now, am I saying that you shouldn’t stimulate her clitoris and get her all wet and make her toes curl up and make her eyes peel back and just make her go crazy with pleasure? I’m not saying that you should not do that. I mean I’m saying that you should go beyond that.


Sex should be an almost spiritual experience because you have to remember that for thousands of years, all these mystics, philosophers and religious leaders talked about sex as a gateway to a higher state of living. And if you just look at sex as an essentially mechanical process where a long, cylindrical piece goes into a tight hole then you are missing out on how profoundly beautiful and liberating this experience can be.


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The Top Pornography Review Blogs You Should be Reading

Unethical discounts surely exist but there still plenty of genuine discounts available too along with the easiest approach to get all these discounts is always to undergo a website like that one. Porn review websites are frequently supplied links to discounted rates from websites who only want to say thanks for giving them some protection. This permits us to write truthful evaluations whilst also having the ability to offer our faithful viewers an extra motivation and it works well for both sides. Be mindful of the reality that not all review sites are honest and a lot of the full time, special deals will have been made to ensure that sites turn the facts and boost junk. We don’t consider encouraging bad internet sites makes any kind of perception so we could give you every guarantee you’re in safe hands. Moving on, it’s simple to acquire a considerable discount by simply committing to a site for much more than one month. 33% off the industry standard cost of $29.95 is common for clients paying quarterly and also the amount of reduction frequently increases further for people who pay for 6-12 months at a time. It seems sensible to already be happy with the support and level of pleasure you are getting from a website before signing on the dotted line but when you are happy to commit, there is absolutely no reason to pay top money.

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Looking to spend a few of your hard won money on a world renowned adult entertainment site? Then you better make sure you get the very best and only the very best and we’re here in order to help on that top… You will find quite literally thousands of websites out there all competing for a share of the billion-dollar industry along with the harsh reality is that very few of these are really worth the money. We’re attained in the area and can therefore guide you get through the process of locating the best site for you. Oh, and we’ll also be sure you know the way to spot the bad money-grabbing sites from a kilometer away.

People today need content on the move along with the adult industry is beginning to conform to the rapidly moving modern-era by providing adult moments with mobility to people that need everything on the move. In the event that you join one of many larger websites you’ll find that downloadable documents for those most commonly used cellular devices currently exist. In lots of instances, they are going to have smaller, mobile versions of their standard web site setup specifically for this need. This is not always the case yet and there are still lots of sites that dwell in the dark ages but that would not mean that you cannot use them for this purpose. Supposing that there are several download alternatives available, you shouldn’t have too many issues getting your favourite moments onto your favourite portable system. Free sites that convert video types are out there and they are going to provide everything you should get mobile. You should also observe that a site will generally mention whether they are cellular or not on their website.

We have set up a complete web site which is devoted to selecting a part the details mentioned and condensing them into an easy to follow structure so if you don’t fancy doing the research yourself then you always have the option to use our own views to make educated buying decisions. Unlike the remainder, you have access to numerous completely unbiased reviews that provide concise and precise descriptions of virtually every adult entertainment service out there nowadays. We now have completed the due-diligence so you do not have too and we ensure that you simply’ll never find a positive overview of a site that we didn’t truly like ourselves. Our writers know the specifications our visitors deserve and so they know the business inside-out. Using our critiques for guidance will direct you into the right selection and help you avoid several headaches along the way fact.

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Porn Reviews – The Journos Of Pornography

In case you ‘ve got twenty to thirty dollars a month reserve then you’ll usually be able to obtain entry to the very best porn internet sites. Frequently you’ll see web sites price themselves at $10 both sides of this manual price. The world of kinky dream and outlandish fetishes will find these prices become a lot diverse. You’ll frequently find that sites offering a more market type of adult content will bill much more in relation to the standard size because it’s not possible for them to get their hands on the same amount of consumers. Traditional hard-core action is usually created a lot more affordable since it appeals to a broader audience and because more grownup entertainment of this variety is available, websites are more likely to be friendlier on the budget. Really, you may invest just as much or as small as you need but sites priced around the $20-$30 mark are inclined to provide all of the attributes outlined below when they are doing that you can be assurance that the cash that you’re spending is likely to the right spot.

Unethical discounts, misleading discounts they are certainly on the market but so are actual ones and the simplest way to acquire an authentic reduction would be to undergo a site like this 1. We are provided links to reduced rates constantly being a thanks for reviewing particular sites. This enables us to publish honest reviews and then provide an added inducement for the viewers it’s a win-win. Honest review sites are a few and far between and it’s not uncommon for a review website to create a particular deal using a rubbish site and boost that rubbish heavily so be mindful of this. It makes zero sense to encourage bad sites and thus you may be assured that you are in safe hands. On a different notice, you can certainly get hold of a strong reduction by investing your website for more than the regular 30 days. 33% off the industry standard price of $29.95 is typical for clients paying quarterly along with the level of discount often increases further for individuals who spend for 6-12 months at a moment. Paying a higher level for a website that you’re already happy with due to their excellent content and support is madness should you be happy, utilise their discount scheme!

Should you not see doing the research yourself then you may use our web site (that’s devoted to picking apart other websites and condensing most of the valuable info into an easy to follow format) to complete the legwork for you and also make an informed buying decision that way. Unlike other sites, you have access to hundreds of completely unbiased reviews that present succinct and precise opinions on almost every adult entertainment site out there today. The due-diligence has been done for you and when we didn’t completely love a site ourselves, it surely will not have a favourable review here. Our team of adult entertainment lovers know the industry and know what requirements our readers deserve. Our evaluations will guide you into the best decision and help you prevent several headaches on the way… Check Out more about top porn sites here at this web site.

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Free live porn chat online with bisexual bitches

In case you’ve never visited latestrip before, it’s time to finally click and enter the hottest xxx cam site you’ll ever see! We’re talking about hundreds of cock craving babes that are ready to stick whatever’s hard inside their pussies and cum harder than ever knowing you’re watching their every move! Check out crazy solo shows, stripping performances and some kinky stuff we won’t even name, and watch all the shows you want completely free! You can start by meeting xxxKleoxxx who is a sexy little nympho who’s into boys and girls and loves having sex at least three times a day!

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The ass is the best body part

So… Why not find the best porn sites to get the fine asses served on a plate? Instead we use crappy low resolution sites to stream from. How about HQ HD porn?

Yester ay I took a look at two adult site reviews sites and was thoroughly impress with what I saw. Basically take a look at and – two great porn review sites.

Big Wet Butts (Huge oily greased butts getting slammed hard, huge site and highdef material)

Big Butts Like it Big (Very easy to understand – ramming huge trunks right in the center of gravity :P)

Monster Curves (Curvy women with a nice ass to present. Great site as well)


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Back that ass up onto my cock!

What a sight to see when two ass cheeks are spread apart and a hard cock is penetrating it for some Ass Sex. Now that doesn’t factor into account when a woman is masturbating and fingering her asshole or fucking it with a dildo in some Ass Porno. Either way, it’s fucking awesome when you have more than one hole to fondle and fuck. That’s the thing with XXX scenes like those, Anal Sex just looks so fucking enjoyable when you’re plowing that pussy with a dildo and you bust a nut to some hot Free Porn. Go and surf whichever Porntube sites you usually hit up to check out the Porn Movies you get turned on to the most and pump that fist away into tomorrow. The alternative is finding your own personal big butt freak and making your own Porno with.

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Too Much Road Butt Fuck is Not Healthy

road butt fuckWhat would life be without sex, women and rock and roll? I think I would rather die than live a life without those since I live and breathe with those three things. Sex is important to any man because it is our nature to use our cock more than our brains. Who else could give us sex? Of course women that’s why I need to have lots of women around me all the time. Last is rock and roll because being a rockstar made it easier for me to hook up with hot chicks.

My fave pastime was road butt fuck which happens each time we go on a road tour. Damn! I feel like in heaven tonguing butt after butt since we got like 20 chicks inside the big bus. One time, we had some Asian chicks we hooked up with when we had a show in Chicago to join us on our next trip to another state. Oh wow! This was the best road butt fuck I ever had and therroad butt fucke’s no more butt park for me. I just can’t stop tonguing butt and fucking those Asian hotties. My road manager asked me to butt park because he can see me getting all pale already, but it is hard to resist an Asian pussy.

When we got to the gig, I was too tired to play and end up sitting in a chair while playing the guitar. I just told everyone I was sick so I got a good excuse. They got mad and want to refund their tickets because we cut the gig into half an hour instead of a full hour. I was rushed to the hospital for over fatigue. Fuck! They continued the road trip with a new guitarist and I was stuck all alone in the hospital. Now I have learned my lesson and need to do things in moderation so I can still live longer to enjoy more sex and music.

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My Bedroom Butt Game Became An Instant Hit

butt gameThere are lots of ways to make sex more fun. Playing games is one of them and I was able to think of a new bedroom game called butt game. I know you won’t be able to see this in any butt wiki since I just made this all up, but this had become an instant hit in our place when I shared this to my friends.

Butt game is plain and simple. Do you know the game pin the donkey? It is a children’s game where the kid gets blindfolded and tries to put the pin on the donkey’s ass. I made a kinkier version of that game where guys get blindfolded too and instead of using a pin, they would use their hard cock to find the hole of the hard butt.

I know it sounds funny, but the girls I did that game with really loved it. It was not that easy at it seems because there were tbutt gameimes that I end up with a cock filled with apple sauce because I inserted it inside an apple pie. I even popped some balloons thinking it was her butt. What makes it tough is that I was not allowed to use my hands to feel the butt. It was my cock doing all the poking. I always wish my cock good luck before I do all the poking.

The chicks give out direction so I can easily find their hard butt. For sure, the waiting kills them too because they were too horny to feel my cock thrust their wet pussy. The real fucking begins once I hit the right hole. It feels great knowing I won the game. My friends all do it with their chick on special occasions since you need a lot of props to make it more exciting. I can’t wait to see this game enter the butt wiki soon and become famous.

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Kissing Butt End Got Me The Hot Girl

butt endThey call me Georgie Porgie because I always kiss the girls and make them cry. This came from a famous nursery rhyme which I used to listen to when I was a kid. Maybe it got stuck on my brain as I grow older because it became my habit to kiss girls and then leave them. My fave pastime is stealing kisses from chicks, but they do love it a lot and pretend they don’t. How do I prove it? Because they all end up being my girl and some even get obsessed with me, but I easily get bored and dump them.

Now my habit of kissing upgraded to kissing butt end. I love tasting the smooth butt of a chick. The girls always get wild each time I kiss their butt end. Maybe because I am the best kisser in my place. Having done that in years, I doubt if there would be any other guy that can beat my record in kissing girls.

butt endI always give my friends a butt thumbs up once I stole a kiss from a chick. The girl would just get surprised and speechless when she noticed that someone kissed her butt while she was standing in a bar. I would flash my killer smile and she would end up laughing instead of getting mad.

My friends dared me to kiss this big time lawyer in our town because she was freaking gorgeous and hot, but was a real snob. She was talking on the phone at the corner while drinking coffee and I was sitting close to her. I looked at my friends and gave the butt thumbs up sign before kissing her smooth butt. She got surprised and spilled coffee on me and damn that was fucking hot. She laughed at me while my cock was burning and told me: “You really deserve that for being naughty”. She walked away and I started to catch up with her to get her number. I was able to get it and can’t wait to kiss her butt again.

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Real Brown Butt is Better Than Butt Clips

butt clipsI do enjoy watching girls with brickhouse butt, but for me the best butt would have to be a brown butt. I have seen so many butt clips of white and black girls, but it doesn’t have any effect on me. I still get turned on big time each time I see butt clips of big brown butt. I don’t know what they have, but they look totally sexy and fuckable.

It was not that easy to find hot chicks in my place since I live in a small town where most girls were boring and pale white. There are a few black chicks around, but they all look like a boxer. LOL. Maybe they thought they would look hot in this small town since they are not a lot of ebony girls here, but I know how to spot a hot black girl. My friends thought they did hit the jackpot when they banged a black girl, but I keep on telling them there are hotter ebony girls in New York. My aunt lives there so I had a chance to get a taste of my ebony chick too.

butt clipsMy boring life in this small town changed when I met this hot latina babe. I work in a gas station and there was this nice muscle car that stopped by to get some gas. I was surprised to see this hot latina got out of the car wearing really tight jeans. Damn! I was busy checking out her brickhouse butt while she slowly bends over to check out her wheels. I rushed outside to help her and started flirting with her. She did like my moves and gave me a lift in her cool car. All of my friends were jealous because she was the hottest girl in town and I was able to spot her right away. Too bad she was just there for a short vacation and have to go back to L.A. It was fine being a summer fling as long as I get to taste a latina butt.

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